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Interval Ear Training

Question: How can you learn to recognize intervals by ear? Albert's reply: There are several methods of interval ear training. The most common is to associate...

(posted Thu Oct 16 00:16:14 2014 in Ear Training)

Improving Piano Technique

Question: I have been playing piano since childhood. I am a mediocre jazz player, strong harmonically, but weak technically. I don't play classical music....

(posted Sat May 11 12:37:56 2013 in Piano Technique)

Piano Practice

This article presents essentials of piano practice; actual piano practice techniques will be dealt with separately. What do you imagine when practicing piano?...

(posted Tue Jul 29 00:37:55 2014 in Piano Practice)

Legato Octaves

Question: In bars 5-7 of the Capriccio in D minor by Brahms, the right hand is supposed to play legato octaves (the melody) while holding down a middle voice...

(posted Thu May 15 08:29:34 2014 in Piano Technique)

Brahms 51 Exercises

Question: Any fingering suggestions for Exercise 1a and 1b? Albert's reply: This exercise is designed to be played with a consistent fingering, even though it...

(posted Thu May 15 08:11:26 2014 in Piano Technique)

Piano Exercises for Finger Independence

Question: Hello Albert, Firstly, many thanks for the positive feedback you have given me to my questions which is a tremendous help. My question today relates...

(posted Thu May 15 07:01:01 2014 in Piano Technique)

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