Baldwin Piano Age

Question: What year is my Baldwin piano from? The serial number is 1518109. Thank you.

– June (New Jersey, USA)

Albert’s reply: This Baldwin appears to be an Acrosonic from 1993, according to this source. Here is a list of Baldwin piano serial numbers correlated with year. It doesn’t extend past 1989, which started with serial number 1442402, but you can approximate the number of pianos built per year and date your piano to the early ’90s.

The Baldwin Piano Company experienced considerable ups and downs starting in the mid-’80s, with bankruptcy filings in 1984 and 2001 and the company changing hands several times. Its production was affected as a result and it’s therefore not possible to determine an exact date from the data on hand.

However, you can contact Baldwin (a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corporation as of this writing) with your piano’s serial number and ask them for the exact year of construction.

Pianos can almost always be linked to their respective year of construction according to their serial number. (An exception is Bösendorfer, which catalogs pianos by date using an additional number.) Your local piano dealer should have thick reference books containing all common piano brands together with their serial numbers and construction dates.

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