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Major Scales for Piano

Here are all the major scales for piano, with all proper fingerings, for free download! Simply right-click the download icons or links and select “Save” to download the major piano scales worksheet.

Major Scales for Piano

Most piano students struggle with learning their scales, but this need not be the case. In fact, with the proper formula, it’s actually easy to learn the major scales – so easy, in fact, that you can learn them all in a day!

(If you don’t yet know the “magic formula,” simply surf over to How to Play a Piano Scale.)

This Major Scales for Piano worksheet is designed to give you the proper fingerings for the scales. Many students will learn the notes, but not the proper fingerings.

The best way to learn the scales at first is to practice hands separately. It’s much more difficult to play the hands together since the fingerings are different for each hand. The reason for this is very simple: Our hands are mirror images of one another. Starting with the thumb of one hand usually means playing the same note (an octave lower) with the outermost finger of the other hand.

It’s essential to practice scales slowly and evenly. Even playing means that articulation (how long you hold each note), rhythm and dynamics are all consistent from one note to the next.

When you play hands together, be extra careful to ensure that all the fingerings are correct. Print out the Major Scales for Piano worksheet, and keep your eyes on the page as you read the fingerings!

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