Mastering Your Craft Interview


Renowned coach, author and speaker Rasheed Ogunlaru asked to interview me on the subject of mastering your craft. We had plenty of fun recording this video interview live:

Feel free to tease me about my T-shirt! My IRONMAN finisher T-shirt is my Superman cape! It’s my reminder that we can achieve challenging goals one step at a time.

Immediately before going live, we were discussing my hopeless perfectionism and giving ourselves permission not to be “perfect.” Sure enough, Murphy’s law kicked in as soon as we went live thanks to my messing up the settings. It was great to laugh about my mistake instead of indulging in the self-criticism that all too easily happens!

You can check out plenty of wonderful podcasts, blog posts and Rasheed’s books on his very inspiring site Soul Trader.

I’ll take this as a “note to self” for my next concert. As much as we prepare our programs, the only certainty is that it will never be perfect!

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