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Online Piano Lessons

I’m pleased to announce the availability of online piano lessons with me personally, from anywhere in the world! Direct, one-on-one piano lessons online are a highly practical solution for students seeking expert teaching but who are not, or are only infrequently, in Vienna to work with me at my studio.

The lessons take place via Skype, which makes free video calls in high quality possible. I can offer FaceTime support for those with Apple devices (Mac, iPhone or iPad) as well.

All you need are a computer with a webcam, an internet connection and a piano.

My studio is equipped with professional recording equipment, so you’ll be able to hear me and my piano in as high a quality as your playback equipment allows.

Our online piano lesson topics will include ear training, piano theory, effective piano practice strategies and learning techniques.

Online lessons are available to amateur and professional-track students alike, aged 12 and up.

Please contact me for questions and fees.

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