Out-of-Print Sheet Music

I’d like to share with key-notes readers the best imaginable resource for out-of-print sheet music ever. Its mouthful of a name, the International Music Score Library Project Petrucci Music Library, probably won’t be memorable, and for that reason it’s pretty difficult to find on the internet. Yet with tens of thousands of user-contributed scores, it is the largest collection of free sheet music to print, and it is growing daily.

Because the collection consists entirely of public domain and almost entirely of out-of-print sheet music, all scores are scanned. As a result, the quality of scans is inconsistent, though there is a rating system in place for users to evaluatae the scan quality.

This means that no scores are new and professionally edited and typeset, like our own free printable piano sheet music. It also means that the older editions won’t meet modern editorial standards and may contain mistakes.

The library also contains classical music almost exclusively, although it does strech back all the way to 0 AD.

Nonetheless, this archive of out-of-print sheet music is a genuine treasure trove and I’m happy to share it with you. I hope you find it as useful as I do!

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