Piano Insurance

Question: Can anyone recommend a source for piano insurance? I’ve heard of Heritage, etc., and the closest source I’ve found was pianoinsurance101.com and Piano World.

Albert’s reply: What you’ll need to look for is not piano insurance in particular but rather the more general term musical instrument insurance. Many major insurance companies offer specialized insurance for musical instruments, and some even have dedicated musical instrument insurance teams that will be knowledgable about your instrument.

Piano insurance may not be part of your homeowner’s insurance policy by default, although it may well be possible to itemize your piano as among your assets listed with your insurance company, and to get coverage for it.

I’ve done some research and it looks like you’ll need to be careful if you’re listing your piano with your regular homeowner’s insurance. Many policies will only cover a percentage of your piano’s value, or they’ll only cover up to a specified amount. If you have a very expensive piano it’s surely best to get dedicated insurance for it.

You mentioned Heritage – they insure musical instruments exclusively. They’re in my home state of Pennsylvania and from what I gather enjoy a very positive reputation. (I’ve never dealt with them so I can’t give them my personal thumbs-up; I can only pass along others’ recommendation of them.) You might try them for piano insurance.

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