The Entertainer Sheet Music

key-notes is pleased to offer The Entertainer sheet music for free download. Composed in 1902 by ragtime pioneer Scott Joplin, The Entertainer is among the most popular ragtime pieces ever written.

Simply click the link to download the Entertainer sheet music.

About the Music

Born in Texas in 1867, Joplin’s father was a newly freed slave from North Carolina and his mother a free-born African American. Theirs was a musical family, and the young Joplin’s improvisational talent soon became evident. At age eleven, he was offered free music instruction by a German immigrant, Julius Weiss, who introduced him to the vast European tradition. Scott Joplin was a trailblazing musician, achieving enormous success at a time in which there were few opportunities for black musicians.

Interestingly, The Entertainer was dedicated to one James Brown… while Joplin was indeed ahead of his time, another 21 years would pass before the “real” James Brown was born!

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