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What you'll get:

  • > 400 video lessons
  • Downloadable audiophile recording of each piece
  • Downloadable sheet music
  • BONUS: Virtual Practice Room™ software
  • BONUS: Interactive Scores™ software
  • BONUS: Chordio™ software*

*Chordio requires a MIDI keyboard and the Chrome desktop browser


This course is perfect for you if...

  • … you’ve never played piano before and desire to learn.
  • … you’ve tried piano in the past and “failed” or quit.
  • … you are currently taking piano lessons and can benefit from supplementary materials.
  • … you wish to acquire practical music theory skills.
  • … you have access to a piano or keyboard.

Access the complete library of lessons! Download expertly typeset sheet music and professionally recorded audio of each piece.

There are currently over 400 detailed, professionally produced videos in the course, all recorded on a breathtaking Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand piano. The course is designed for beginning to late intermediate students and tailored especially for the needs of adult piano learners. More lesson material is added regularly.

View lessons on your PC, laptop, tablet, Android smartphone or iPhone, and experience the innovative Virtual Practice Room software on any device.

Your Teacher:

Albert Frantz began piano studies at the unusual age of 17, sparking his passion for teaching adult learners. The winner of local, state and national piano competitions, Albert became a Fulbright Scholar, Bösendorfer Artist and Ironman triathlete. As an inspirational speaker, he is among the most frequent contributors to the TEDx platform. A documentary about his life and work was released by dreama.tv in 2015. In October 2016, Albert was the cover story for Toastmaster Magazine in 142 countries. As a keynote speaker and activist, he has spoken in venues ranging from Vienna's City Hall to the United Nations in Geneva. He lives in the City of Music, Vienna, Austria.

What People Are Saying:

Enriched my life in so many ways through your love of piano and through teaching me things that I never thought I could learn. Truly I can tell you that it's your lessons that have made my time in the piano a real joy.


Your course is excellent. I have learnt so much in such a short period of time. I absolutely love the PDF, and the videos fit so well with it. A guided program that in fact teaches you how to read music. I have to stop myself from rushing forward as I want all the information to sink in step by step. Your whole membership is what I have been looking for. I am so happy I joined and I look forward to learning from you and growing as a piano player.


I have recently taken Albert's course for piano. It is one of the best educational tools in piano I have ever seen. It takes nothing for granted. Albert has approached this educational resource as he has his life—with passion and vitality which inspires all of us to do the best we can with what talent we have.


Wow! This interactive software is phenomenal, nothing short of fantastic, and exactly what I didn’t know I was missing when attempting to learn a new piece by first analyzing the chords and their progression, not to mention phrasing, modulation, voicing and all those theory items necessary for a more profound understanding, as you say, of the piece. Ultimately, a way to learn faster and with that immense joy which comes with understanding what the composer has written. Simply inspiring! And included with the key-notes membership!! Thank you so very very much.


Thanks for the wonderful lessons—they are dense with info, worth repeated viewing, and, I really like the selections for the practice pieces—it's much easier to practice when I enjoy the music!


By the way, my compliments - your presentation and the insight you offer is quite unique - and believe me, I have looked at many different website courses and tried a few different teachers. You are accurate, though not overwhelming, and so far in the beginning videos which I have watched, it feels to a beginner adult learner that you work provide solid foundations to build understanding and hence some knowledge. Most piano teachers appear to take a lot of things for granted, do not explain enough, or explain badly—so it is then impossible to know the “first principles,” understanding of which is key to knowledge and to being able to recollect by working things out.


Albert, thank you very much for new premium quality content and tools for learning. It's a real pleasure to listen and to watch how you play on this beautiful piano and it gives me an ecstatic pleasure from looking on such good work and filming quality. They say that every note was recorded from real Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand... and this is my favorite sound. Thank you!


I feel a little guilty getting the Juilliard School quality music education you’re providing at a discount!


I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the resources you're providing people with. You just might make the current lockdown situation bearable. Thank you :) Your Student, Harry


This [Interactive Scores software] is very exciting! Congratulations, Albert, on this new option! Albert, thank you, for your hard work, thoroughness and attention to detail. You bring a great 'product'. My son and I have very inexpensive lessons with a local teacher, but the things I've learned from you are clearly very valuable, and kind of fast track us, plus 'deep track' us, with a very good, extra depth of teaching and understanding. I really appreciate it. God bless you With appreciation and thanks for you, and your great learning resource, Anne :-) Australia