The "Piano Challenge"™

Play Your First Piece like a Concert Pianist in 30 Days


I Can Guide You to Playing Your First Piece like a Concert Pianist—Even If You Have Never Played Piano

Of course, no one can turn you into an actual concert pianist in just 30 days. But I can show you how to play this famous classical piece—one that's not too difficult but also not too easy—the way real concert artists do.

Professionals learn and play piano fundamentally differently compared to most amateurs: They hear the music differently, they know the language of music, and they move their hands differently.

This is why they succeed, and I'd love for you too to experience what it feels like to play piano with the beauty and confidence of a pro.

If you love piano music and have always dreamed of playing beautifully, this is especially for you.


One Piece, 30 Days

I'll share with you every movement, every finger, every note... everything you need to play this piece beautifully starting from scratch.

Techniques that are normally the exclusive domain of elite conservatories are now available to you too, so you can express music with full mastery and emotion.

After 30 days, you won't sound like a struggling piano student when you play this piece, you'll sound much more like an artist.

Have You Ever Dreamed of Playing Piano?

Do You Too Love Piano Music?

Do you love piano music, the emotions it sparks in you?

Have you ever dreamed of playing piano?

If listening to piano music evokes such emotions in you, imagine what it would feel like to play music beautifully and confidently yourself.

You too—yes, you—can experience the true joy of playing piano.

A Personal Story

My name is Albert Frantz, and I'm a concert pianist based in the City of Music, Vienna, Austria. My "claim to fame" is having learned piano as an adult, and I'd like to share with you how you can unlock your hidden musical potential and discover the pleasure of playing piano, no matter your age.

In my case, a childhood piano teacher told my mother, “Take your money every week and throw it in the garbage. Albert will never be able to play piano.”

I was stuck in the starting blocks. I couldn’t read music and had no technique or rhythm. The teacher "fired" me.

Not that I cared. Growing up in rural and suburban Pennsylvania, I had never really heard classical music.

When I was seventeen, I thought I might try my hands at the odd pop song, so I signed up for piano lessons with the neighborhood teacher. Thankfully, she recognized the talent that had been lying dormant all those years. She introduced me to classical music, and overnight it became the love of my life.

Journey to a New World

Classical music expresses the full range of human emotions—even emotions I never knew I could feel! It's a journey into a whole new world.

In college, I ended up abandoning my engineering studies to go "all in" for music. Thanks once again to a musical mentor, my piano professor Dr. Steven Smith, I went on to win local, state, and national piano competitions. I even became the first pianist to win a prestigious Fulbright scholarship to Vienna, Austria in nearly a decade.

Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms... even Chopin once lived here in Vienna. Here, I've been fortunate to soak up musical inspiration everywhere. Most of all, I've been able to work with world-renowned mentors who believed in my talent and shared their secrets to learning music effectively as an adult and playing it beautifully and confidently.

I'd love to share this journey of emotions, and everything I've learned from my mentors, with you too.

Introducing the "Piano Challenge"™

So I asked myself: How can I condense the most important things I've been fortunate to learn from world-famous concert artists into a format that can help beginners learn most effectively?

Then I asked myself: How can I teach beginners to learn a “real” piano piece like a concert pianist?

The result was the Piano Challenge™. If I did my job well, this was probably more of a challenge for me than it will be for you, since I strove to make it as easy as possible for you to learn.

What You'll Learn

When you take this course, within just thirty days, you'll be playing the famous Minuet in G major almost like a pro.

Now, I say "almost" because no one can claim to turn a beginner into a professional in such a short time.

But I can guide you through the piece, showing you how to hear the music in your mind, how to practice and learn this piece most effectively, and how to move your hands the way professional concert pianists do to make the music sound as beautiful and effortless as possible.

In this course, I'll break everything down for you, step by step. This course is highly focused: I'll teach you only what you need to learn to understand the music and play this piece as beautifully as possible, starting from scratch.

When you do the exercises in this course, after only thirty days, you'll know:

  • How to approach the instrument
  • How to read music
  • How to play hands together
  • How to play what you hear and hear what you play
  • How to play chords
  • Professional learning techniques
  • Professional playing techniques
  • How to build a strong musical memory
  • How to tell stories through music

Learn How to Learn Most Effectively

The only way you could learn all of this previously was by paying hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to an elite concert artist and conservatory professor... and they almost never teach beginners.

This is one of the major problems I worked to solve in this course. You too can now learn how to learn like a concert artist—even if it's your very first piano piece.

Join the Piano Challenge™ today! I look forward to welcoming you—and to hearing you play.

This Conservatory-Quality Method Will Help You...

Play with Confidence

Discover the techniques taught in elite international conservatories

Play Your Favorite Music

Experience the true joy of playing your favorite classical piano pieces

Reduce Stress

Numerous studies show that classical music helps reduce stress and anxiety

Improve Cognitive Function

Numerous studies show that piano practice is the #1 skill to keep your mind fit at any age

Learn How to Learn

Learn much more effectively with methods used by elite concert pianists

Save Valuable Time

Make the most of your precious time by using proven professional methods

What Students Are Saying...

Hundreds of people just like you are already learning using this innovative yet proven method. Here are a few comments from students:

"Wonderment and Sheer Enjoyment"

The more I delve into the realm of music theory, my thirst is unquenchable. Until I started the lessons of Albert Frantz, I had not the notion that the music world was so intricate, yet attainable to the "uneducated" such as myself. I am taking formal lessons from an instructor, yet I find my time here just as valuable (if not more), being able to absorb the theory and have it so well explained, which is an immense tool for becoming a more adept pianist. Since I have only started my lessons in the past few months, I realize I have a long path ahead, however, I am most certain that the journey will be one of wonderment and sheer enjoyment. Thank you so much for the treasured insights!

- Peggy

"Clearly Presented and Easy to Understand"

This is a marvelously done productionVery articulate, clearly presented lessons make it easy to understand. Though I would generally have skipped this section of lectures given my 15+ years of choir and concert singing and long familiarity with piano sheet music, I am grateful that I didn't as there was information presented to which I had not been previously exposed. I look forward to continuing my journey.

- John

"Complete, Step by Step"

You have been on my mind for a very long time. I am one of your students who signed on when you began teaching piano online. The lessons have grown into a detailed COMPLETE college and wonderful visual step by step course. ❤️🏅

- Diane

The Piano Challenge™ Is Perfect for Adults Who Have Always Desired to Play Piano

The challenge is perfect for you if...

  • … you’ve never played piano before and desire to learn.
  • … you’ve tried piano in the past and “failed” or quit.
  • … you wish to cross off “learn piano” from your bucket list at long last.
  • … you love classical piano.
  • … you're ready to dust off your piano and start playing it.
  • … you have access to a piano or keyboard.
  • … you understand that no one can practice for you—although it won’t take too much time once you learn how to learn music.

If that sounds like you, then the Piano Challenge™ is your perfect introduction to the piano. It includes:

94 Video Lessons

Broken down into small, manageable chunks over four weeks, so you can learn one step at a time 

Downloadable Audio

Download my performance of the Minuet in G, recorded in audiophile quality on one of the world's most exclusive pianos, a Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand from the legendary Vienna Musikverein concert hall, so you'll have a professional model to inspire your practice

Downloadable Sheet Music

By learning each piece from a clear, sharp, modern edition, you’ll know you’re learning the right notes, plus you’ll know exactly which fingers to use for every note. You can print out each piece and display it on your computer or tablet. Practice as you like!


When you enroll today, you will also get this specially developed learning software absolutely free to make your piano journey even more pleasurable:

Virtual Practice Room™ ▶ Software

This special built-in software syncs my performance note by note with the sheet music. You'll see the correct notes highlighted on the animated keyboard in sync with my playing. It will even show you which finger to use for every note!

Loop sections for practice, slow down the performance—even change camera angles! "Zoom in" on and practice any section you like.

It works on any modern device, yet there's nothing to install—it's just there for you when you need it. It helps you to learn to associate the sheet music with the notes on the keyboard, the sound of the notes, and good playing technique.

With the Virtual Practice Room™ software, you’ll learn faster than you ever thought possible.

Interactive Scores™ ▶ Software

View sheet music in your browser on any device; click anything for an interactive dictionary; pop-up video lessons on every chord and symbol, so you can understand music from the inside out!

With the built-in Interactive Scores™ software, you’ll have an “on-demand” virtual teacher 24/7.

You’ll see at a glance how history’s greatest composers worked with their musical material.

By understanding the musical building blocks, you’ll be able to learn it faster and more thoroughly, and because you’ll understand the music, you’ll play it more beautifully too.

I designed and developed this software personally to help speed up your learning significantly.

30 days from now, with just one hour a day...

… you'll be able to sit down at the piano and play this famous classical piece with confidence and joy.

You will have learned how to learn and play this beautiful piece the way professional concert pianists do. You won't suddenly be a concert pianist—there's still quite a road ahead—but you'll have the best possible start to your journey as a pianist. I'll teach you the things I wish I had known when I started playing.

Music will no longer be an unsolvable puzzle to you; instead, you’ll understand the music from the inside out.

You’ll be able to read music thanks to the simple techniques you’ll learn in this challenge. You’ll be telling yourself it wasn’t so hard after all!

You’ll know the precise techniques that enable you to play this piece like concert artists do.

Most of all, you’ll be making music. You’ll understand the language of music, how all the notes fit together, and how to express them.

Your Tuition

My aim with this course was to make high-quality instruction as widely available as possible. With four hours of carefully prepared course material, downloadable sheet music and audio, and innovative software tools to help you learn faster, the original price of $197 represents a great value.

Because I truly want you to start your piano journey, I'm offering it for only $97 when you join today.


My Personal Guarantee

If you’ve gone through the course and still haven't made any progress within 30 days of enrolling in the Piano Challenge™, just let me know. Get in touch and show me your progress. Because I truly want you to succeed, I'll be happy to do everything I reasonably can to help you along the next step in your piano journey.

Join the Piano Challenge™

Your tuition is just $197 $97 when you enroll today.

30 days from now, you too will be playing your first piece like a concert pianist!

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It really is possible to learn your first "real" piano piece in 30 days!


Here's what students like you have had to say about the course:

"A Real Joy"

Enriched my life in so many ways through your love of piano and through teaching me things that I never thought I could learn. Truly I can tell you that it's your lessons that have made my time in the piano a real joy.

- Eli

"Enjoying Learning"

Learning the piano and building my music reading skills have been my "lockdown project" and I wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying and learning from your online piano course.

Very best wishes,

- Úna

"Premium Quality... Ecstatic Pleasure"

Albert, thank you very much for new premium quality content and tools for learning. It's a real pleasure to listen and to watch how you play on this beautiful piano and it gives me ecstatic pleasure from looking at such good work and filming quality. They say that every note was recorded on a real Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand... and this is my favorite sound.
Thank you!

- Alexander

Your Teacher

Albert Frantz’s story is unique in the classical music world. Unlike most piano virtuosos, whose rigorous training starts in early childhood, Albert began his music study as a young adult. His interest in music quickly became an all-consuming passion. Progressing rapidly through his college years, he won local, state and national piano competitions and received a Fulbright Fellowship to continue his studies in Vienna with renowned pianist Paul Badura-Skoda (1927–2019).

Since then, Albert’s mastery of some of the piano’s most challenging repertoire has attracted international attention—including an official jury nomination for the German Record Critics’ Award for his debut recording of the virtuosic music of Charles-Valentin Alkan. The remarkable story of his musical life has inspired a film documentary for Dreama TV and a cover story for Toastmaster Magazine in 142 countries.

An international keynote speaker, he speaks on issues of children's rights in venues ranging from Vienna's City Hall to the United Nations in Geneva. Albert is also an Ironman triathlete and among the most frequent contributors to the TEDx platform as both a speaker and performing artist.

Now Albert shares his experience and insights with Key-Notes, a rapidly growing online community of adult piano students.

Still unsure? Here are some common questions I get...

Join the Piano Challenge™

Your tuition is just $197 $97 when you enroll today.

30 days from now, you too will be playing your first piece like a concert pianist!

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