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“Your course is excellent. I have learnt so much in such a short period of time. I absolutely love the PDF, and the videos fit so well with it. A guided program that in fact teaches you how to read music. I have to stop myself from rushing forward as I want all the information to sink in step by step. Your whole membership is what I have been looking for. I am so happy I joined and I look forward to learning from you and growing as a piano player.” (Bonnie)

“Wow! This interactive software is phenomenal, nothing short of fantastic, and exactly what I didn’t know I was missing when attempting to learn a new piece by first analyzing the chords and their progression, not to mention phrasing, modulation, voicing and all those theory items necessary for a more profound understanding, as you say, of the piece. Ultimately, a way to learn faster and with that immense joy which comes with understanding what the composer has written. Simply inspiring! And included with the key-notes membership!!

“Thank you so very very much.” (Adena)

“My compliments—your presentation and the insight you offer is quite unique—and believe me, I have looked at many different website courses and tried a few different teachers.

“You are accurate, though not overwhelming, and so far in the beginning videos which I have watched, it feels to a beginner adult learner that your work provides solid foundations to build understanding and hence some knowledge.

“Most piano teachers appear to take a lot of things for granted, do not explain enough, or explain badly—so it is then impossible to know the “first principles,” understanding of which is key to knowledge and to being able to recollect by working things out.” (Irene)