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For a lot of us, the unexpected events of the recent past have given us a rare chance to explore a new activity—or to rekindle an interest that was once pushed out of our busy lives.

And for many of us, that interest is music.

Millions of homes around the world have a piano. But far too many of them haven’t been played for years. If you’ve been wanting to learn (or re-learn) to play, Key-Notes offers a truly unique opportunity. Key-Notes is an innovative online piano course designed especially for adult beginners.

Whether you’re a total novice or you’re reconnecting with the piano after years away, key-notes' series of step-by-step video lessons will give you a solid foundation in music reading and keyboard technique for a lifetime of enjoyment at the keyboard.

And if you’re looking for a refuge from the relentless noise of the modern world, Key-Notes is your place online to nurture your interest, explore your own talent, and engage with some of history’s greatest music.


Hundreds of video lessons

Recorded on an exclusive Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand in cinema and audiophile quality

Lessons on any device

Works on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Virtual Practice Room

In the Virtual Practice Room™ â–¶, every note and fingering of a model performance is synced to the sheet music to help you learn much faster.

Interactive Scores technology

One of Key-Note's most innovative features is Interactive Scores™ â–¶—a tool that illuminates each piece’s structure and musical language, and helps students understand the compositional techniques used by the great composers.


With the new Chordio™ â–¶ app, drill every chord in each piece you learn using the Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop and your MIDI keyboard!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Teacher

Albert Frantz’s story is unique in the classical music world. Unlike most piano virtuosos, whose rigorous training starts in early childhood, Albert began his music study as a young adult. His interest in music quickly became an all-consuming passion. Progressing rapidly through his college years, he won prizes in several piano competitions and received a Fulbright Fellowship to continue his studies in Vienna with renowned pianist Paul Badura-Skoda.

Since then, Albert’s mastery of some of the piano’s most challenging repertoire has attracted international attention—including an official jury nomination for the German Record Critics’ Award for his debut recording of the virtuosic music of Charles-Valentin Alkan. The remarkable story of his musical life has inspired a film documentary for Dreama TV and a cover story for Toastmaster Magazine.

Now Albert shares his experience and insights with Key-Notes, a rapidly growing online community of adult piano students.

Scott Wilkinson, M.D.

"I have recently taken Albert's course for piano. It is one of the best educational tools in piano I have ever seen. It takes nothing for granted. Albert has approached this educational resource as he has his life—with passion and vitality which inspires all of us to do the best we can with what talent we have."

Matthew K.

"I just want to go out of my way and say that this site is / you are, amazing. The amount of content is unbelievable. I can tell this website will allow me to learn piano so much faster and I will always know what I need to learn next, or what to focus on, what to practice and how to practice it. Honestly I can't put into words how grateful and blown away I am. This website you've made is a godsend, I love this almost as much as I love the piano. Thanks times a million. <3 <3 <3"

Alison Archer

"Please know that I for one am most grateful for your generosity in proffering the key-notes site, and impressed too. Concise, considered, researched, drawing on a wealth of experience, and embracing of this digital computerised age which one could otherwise perhaps think of as a serious threat to classical music. Moreover, you have shared a most precious thing—your joy of music!"

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*Chordio™ requires a MIDI keyboard and the Chrome desktop browser.

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