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Conservatory-quality online piano lessons from the City of Music, Vienna, Austria

My #1 Advice for Adult Piano Learners

Conservatory-quality online piano lessons from the City of Music, Vienna, Austria

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My name is Albert Frantz, and I'm a concert pianist based in the City of Music, Vienna, Austria. I founded Key-Notes to help music lovers such as yourself learn piano the way concerts artists do, which is much easier than you may think!


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Professional video lesson library, conveniently divided into 14 progressive modules

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Learn to play your favorite piano pieces—Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern

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Personal Feedback

Ask questions about any lesson and receive expert personal feedback

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Downloadable Recordings

Download each piece, recorded on a Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand in audiophile quality

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Downloadable Sheet Music

Specially edited, professionally typeset, downloadable editions of your repertoire

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Enjoy lessons from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

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What you can expect from Key-Notes

Key-Notes will guide you step by step through your piano journey. Learn your favorite music the way concert pianists do—with sound technical, ear training, and music theory skills from the very beginning.

You'll learn dozens of classical pieces using innovative multimedia and software learning tools that work on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Video Lessons

Hundreds of expert tutorials organized into actionable steps to guide you along your piano journey

Virtual Practice Room™ â–¶

Let's practice together—I'll even show you which fingers to use for every note!

Interactive Scores™ â–¶

Discover the language of music in every piece, so you can learn even faster

Chordio™ â–¶

Drill each chord in every piece you learn—your missing link to learning music faster!*

Membership means unlimited learning

Sign up for a membership and enjoy unlimited lessons. Any module, any piece, any time.

*Chordio™ requires a MIDI keyboard and the Chrome desktop browser.

Peggy O.

"Wonderment and sheer enjoyment... an immense tool for becoming a more adept pianist."

Dr. John F.

"A marvelously done production. Very articulate, clearly presented lessons make it easy to understand."

Diane M.

"A detailed COMPLETE college and wonderful visual step by step course. ❤️🏅"

Dr. Scott W.

"One of the best educational tools in piano I have ever seen—takes nothing for granted."

Dr. Eli R.

"Enriched my life in so many ways through your love of piano and through teaching me things that I never thought I could learn. Truly I can tell you that it's your lessons that have made my time at the piano a real joy."

Alison A.

"Concise, considered, researched, drawing on a wealth of experience."

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My #1 Advice for Adult Piano Learners

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