A supervirtuoso... an excellent musician able to draw music out of Godowsky's 'lab experiments' on the Chopin Etudes. This pianist will go far.

Music and Vision
Albert Frantz

Albert Frantz began piano studies at the unusual age of seventeen—years after a childhood teacher proclaimed he would never be able to play the piano. Under the tutelage of Steven H. Smith at Penn State University, where he sacrificed engineering studies in favor of music and philosophy, he won first prizes at the 1995 Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association Collegiate Artist Competition and Penn State University's concerto competition (with Ravel's Concerto for the Left Hand) after having played the piano for only four years.

In 1998, after winning local, state and national piano competitions, Albert became the first pianist to win a Fulbright Fellowship to study in Vienna, Austria (with Roland Batik at the Vienna Conservatory) in nearly a decade. In Vienna, he studied intensively with Paul Badura-Skoda, later becoming assistant to him and musicologist Eva Badura-Skoda. He has also studied extensively with Carlo Grante, Sally Sargent, Marylène Dosse, Harvey Wedeen and preparatory teacher Nancy Lou Pellett. Albert records for the Gramola label and is a Bösendorfer Artist. He is a popular speaker and performer at TEDx conferences as well as the president of Vienna Toastmasters.

Albert is also an avid amateur athlete whose hobbies include running marathons and his latest passion of racing cars, and he is currently training for his first IRONMAN triathlon.

Free downloads of Albert's performances are available by clicking the link!

This 2010 talk at TEDxPannonia, titled "Finding Our Hidden Dreams," offers further details on his path to musical self-discovery:

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