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Key Signature Chart


This Key Signature Chart is designed to help you learn all the key signatures easily. It’s written with increasing sharps and flats.

It’s essential for all musicians to memorize the key signatures. As you study it you’ll quickly learn its patterns and discover that it’s not nearly as difficult as it seems at first glance. The right column shows the accidentals (sharps or flats): Notice how each sharp is always a fifth above the last (G-sharp, D-sharp, A-sharp…) and each flat is always a fifth below the previous one (B-flat, E-flat, A-flat…).

Note that the sharps follow the Circle of Fifths clockwise, while the flats follow it counterclockwise.

In addition to the online chart on this page, I’ve created a beautiful printable version of the Key Signature Chart, available for free download! Simply click this link to view the printable chart, or right-click and select “Save” to save it to your computer.


Key Signature Keys Accidentals
C major / A minor (none)
G major / E minor F♯
D major / B minor F♯, C♯
A major / F-sharp minor F♯, C♯, G♯
E major / C-sharp minor F♯, C♯, G♯, D♯
B major / G-sharp minor F♯, C♯, G♯, D♯, A♯
F-sharp major / D-sharp minor F♯, C♯, G♯, D♯, A♯, E♯
C-sharp major / A-sharp minor F♯, C♯, G♯, D♯, A♯, E♯, B♯


Key Signature Keys Accidentals
C major / A minor (none)
F major / D minor B♭
B-flat major / G minor B♭, E♭
E-flat major / C minor B♭, E♭, A♭
A-flat major / F minor B♭, E♭, A♭, D♭
D-flat major / B-flat minor B♭, E♭, A♭, D♭, G♭
G-flat major / E-flat minor B♭, E♭, A♭, D♭, G♭, C♭
C-flat major / A-flat minor B♭, E♭, A♭, D♭, G♭, C♭, F♭

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