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Piano Theory Book

Question: Hello Albert,

About theory, what book would you suggest to purchase please? I need a book which will carry me through to the highest level. Most books one finds on the internet are just basic and actually purchasing off the net, one takes a chance with the wrong book.

Actually there is a site on the internet called, Dolmetsch online music theory, it seems excellent. They have theory lessons starting from lesson 1 to over 40. This all seems good, but having to sit in front of the computer puts me off, I would rather have a book. Please advise me.

– Brian (Colombia, South America)

Albert’s reply: I can recommend a really good book on piano theory, called Keyboard Harmony, published in 1924 by George Wedge. If you’re looking to go from beginner to advanced in just one relatively thin book, it is this one. That said, I have to caution that it gets very advanced very quickly, and it will doubtless be a big challenge. Still, some exercises will be easier than others, and it’s the best book I know for applied keyboard harmony.

I believe theory needs to be applied, not simply done on paper. Wedge’s book will have you work out all exercises directly at the piano.

The book can be found used or as a reprint.

Best of luck in your theory work!

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