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Names of Piano Keys

Question: Hi Albert,

I’m just beginning to play. Is there such a thing as a paper/cardboard thing you put on the keyboard with the notes on it?


– Gigi

Albert’s reply: You remind me of the time my brother scratched the note names on the piano when we were kids!

Fortunately, labeling the keys isn’t necessary since the piano keys don’t have names. Each key on the piano approximates one of several possible notes.

This may be a confusing concept at first, but the relation between the keys and the notes is actually quite easy to learn. There are indeed stickers that you can get to label the piano keys, but you won’t need them.

I’ve prepared a Piano Notes Chart to help beginning students find their way around the piano keyboard.

Basically, you just need to learn the white keys (A B C D E F G) as points of reference for finding any other key. You won’t even need to find other keys until you encounter accidentals.

For a more thorough chart of the piano keyboard including accidentals (sharps and flats), I’ve prepared a Piano Key Chart.

I cover all this material extensively in my DVD and workbook course, How to Read Sheet Music. Please forgive me if this sound like a sales pitch, but I’m confident this is something you’ll really benefit from.

Whether you use this course or another, you’ll need to go through a series of training exercises until you can find any note with ease. Good luck!

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