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Question: Dear Master Frantz: I am 72 years of age and do not know anything about musical notes or the piano. I’ve read that I still can learn if I have the desire and confidence. I think that I have both. At this moment there is no piano teacher around, so I’m planning on taking a piano course whether it will be by online, dvd’s, cd’s or books. Is it possible for you to recommend an adequate piano course for me? I will gladly appreciate that. Thank you very much.

– Oscar L. Diaz (Guayama, Puerto Rico)

Albert’s reply: I hesitate to recommend my own course, but it was the result of my inability to find this information anywhere else. How to Read Sheet Music teaches the essentials of reading music at the piano. I believe studying the video course and completing all the exercises in the book will get you the furthest in the shortest time.

How to Read Sheet Music is also available as part of a highly detailed course on learning piano that offers over 200 video lessons. I’ve done everything to make this course accessible, and you can subscribe to the full course for less than a dollar per day.

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